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Isbn 10: 0745614078

Isbn 13: 978-0745614076

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Time and Social Theory

Time is at the forefront of contemporary scholarly inquiry across the natural sciences and the humanities. Yet the social sciences have remained substantially isolated from time–related concerns. This book argues that time should be a key part of social theory and focuses concern upon issues which have emerged as central to an understanding of today′s social world. Through her analysis of time Barbara Adam shows that our contemporary social theories are firmly embedded in Newtonian science and classical dualistic philosophy. She exposes these classical frameworks of thought as inadequate to the task of conceptualizing our contemporary world of standardized time, computers, nuclear power and global telecommunications.

著者:Barbara Adam
Isbn 10:0745614078
Isbn 13:978-0745614076
寸法と寸法:15.4 x 1.5 x 22.8 cm
言語 Time and Social Theory:英語

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